Feel The Difference

Useful and innovative,  elements equiped, aluminum channel for your kitchen top. An elegant and practical idea to personalize the work surface. System consist of glass dryers, bottles holders, draining-racks, chopping boards, shelves, electrical outlets and soap storage.


Intelligent Innovation

Blind corner units have gained a firm place in the kitchen. Carousel systems are ideal for storing pots, pans and mixers. Some attractive new systems have been developed as alternatives to the classic storage carousel.Trays swing smoothly and almost effortlessly out of the corner cabinets. You get a clear view and ready access to every stored item. User selects tray heights to suit the contents and cut out wasted space.
Each individual shelf can easily carry up to 50 pounds with an overall capacity of 100 pounds for two shelves.


Feel The Difference

Today, tall cabinets, often planned as a block, with appliances integrated at eye-level and storage space for groceries, have gained an important place in kitchen planning – and rightly so!
Even the most unlikely spaces can become storage superstars with pantry system. Perfect for utilizing the complete width and height of tall cabinets, pantry systems slides out to make sure not one speck of space is wasted. Individually suspended and adjustable shelves feature simple railings that keep everything in its place – and in plain view, too.


Feel The Difference

Backsplash mounted, well equiped to your needs, able to carry LED lighting, Freedom is perfect addition to your organized kitchen. Available in White and Black painted aluminum and also as brushed nickel.


Organized for Life

Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe, and had to stop to dig through whisks and utensils to find a spatula? Or been frustrated with post-dinner clean up because your piles of storage containers don’t have matching lids? Make your drawers work harder for you with drawer inset. This organization system is made to fit snugly in your drawers, meaning they won’t slide around, no matter how hastily you open and close your drawers. Build with high-quality stainless steel and nylon to achieve a modern look and a perfect fit. Not only are they guaranteed to last the lifetime of your kitchen, but also easy to assemble and flexible enough to customize based on your changing storage needs